Finally, we’ve gone through tooling and production of your injection-moulded parts. In this last stage, we hand them over to you.

Once the moulded parts have been produced to your specification, we package, label and deliver them to you.

We offer long and short run production, and we can hold on to stock for you rather than delivering it all in one go. Let us know your scheduled call-off requirements and we’ll deliver the right components at the right time.

We have customised options for packaging and labelling. Parts can be packed in large bulk bags or boxes, or smaller packs for retail or use in Kanban systems.

Special delivery notes and labelling are available for all types of packaging. Just remember to tell us what you want when you [make an enquiry].

If you don’t need any special packaging, we’ll keep it simple by supplying your parts in clear plastic bags of up to 8kg each.

Typically, the admin stage takes 2-3 days.