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Injection moulded plastic parts – precision engineered in the UK since 1973.

We’re PRP, a UK-based plastic injection moulding company who specialise in producing small injection-moulded plastic parts. At our factory in Hereford, we take your design requirements, match them with one of a wide variety of thermoplastic materials and manufacture parts to support your business.

With more than 40 years of experience, we’re ready to create the best plastic mouldings for you. Find out more below and then get in touch to make an equiry.

What is plastic injection moulding?


Plastic injection moulding is the method by which we turn alternatives to natural rubber into small plastic parts for your business.

To do this, we heat pellets of [thermoplastic material] so that they melt, then we inject the liquid plastic into special moulds created during tooling. When the plastic has cooled, it’s removed from the mould, leaving behind a perfectly formed part.

Injection moulding is ideal for large volume orders – we simply repeat the above cycle as many times as necessary to produce the parts you’ve ordered.

Moulds can have many shapes and sizes, and each can be reused many thousands of times. At PRP, we specialise in producing parts that are up to approximately 175mm square and that have a maximum weight of 200g.

Our wide range of materials mean we can produce plastic parts that suit all needs. Perhaps you need a particular surface finish, special heat properties or chemical resistance. Whatever the requirement, just let us know when you make an enquiry and we’ll be able to help.

Want to know more about injection moulding? This video explains it all:

Our business makes dog agility training equipment.

Every so often, we have a need to modify our existing standard plastic parts. The process was always quite slow and labour intensive. That was until we found that PRP could do the job much better than we could. We handed over a sample of one of our products as well as some key dimensions. After a discussion about the best design for our needs, PRP came up with a low-cost tooling option and our new parts are now in production.

The team made the process simple and we’ll be using them again in future.

- Recent customer