What is the maximum size of part PRP can mould?

We can mould parts up to approximately 175mm square and a maximum weight of 200g.

How much will the tooling cost?

Tooling costs are generally proportional to the size and complexity of the part required. A very simple part such as a round spacer that can be moulded in one of our modular tool systems, could be as little as £500. Complex parts require dedicated tooling, this can take the price up into the thousands. Feel free to send a 3D file or drawing and we can quote a budget price.

How long does it take to produce tooling?

Basic simple tooling can be produced in as little as 2 weeks; a complex multi cavity tool could take up to 10-12 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Once the tooling has been made we can produce a few hundred parts if required, but this would be a short production run and at a slight premium. As a rough guide, quantities of 2-10,000 typically provide a cost effective unit price.

Can prototype parts be produced before spending money on production tooling?

There are a number of options for producing prototype parts. Choosing the best option will depend on the complexity of the part and the number of samples required.

Can I choose the colour of my components?

Yes. We carry an array of pigment materials giving you the option of coloured components. Additionally we have access to a wide range of off-the-shelf colourants with the ultimate option of having pigments made to specific colour matches (RAL or Pantone).

Can you advise on the best material for my component?

We are always more than happy to discuss the particular needs you have from your design. The more information we can have on the function of the component, the environment in which it will operate and any other requirements you want fulfilled, the better. All this information should be added to your enquiry.

Can you help with product design?

We are happy to advise and work with our customers on the design of products. Often simple design alterations can help reduce tool and unit prices.

What materials can you process?

A list of materials we commonly process can be found by following the link below, but if you have found another material that is right for your application please send the details with your enquiry.